Sunday, January 04, 2009


Stopped by a new coffee shop yesterday. The décor is “nostalgia” and features old-fashioned signs -- kind of a funky, cluttered look.

We had coffee and split a scone. The windows and door face south, and the place filled with afternoon sunlight.

Remember Green Stamps? One of our “jobs” as little kids was to paste the stamps in the books. Then, when we had a bunch of books, we took a trip to the Green Stamp store in the City. I realized quickly that this was not something special. Instead it was a bit like the scene in the Wizard of Oz, where they discover the great Oz is actually manned by a small man behind a curtain. All the work of pasting in those stamps just the right way would only get you some boring household stuff or cheap toys. My brother and I soon turned our attention to other things, such as building bridges of furniture all across the living room. Or sticking firecrackers in tomatoes from the garden and watching them explode.


Unknown said...

Oh gosh yes! I remember Green Shield stamps as we called them in the UK. I too used to have the job of sticking them in and loved doing it! I wish we still had them.

I came here to get a fix of that sideboard. Are you going to post it for me? ;)

Steve Buser said...

I remember well the green stamps. I want to say that they were still giving them out in the 70's in our area.

Katie said...

What a great idea for a coffee shop! I love love love all the vintage signage (although you probably figured I might). It looks funky and cluttered but not forced. I think I could happily spend hours here with a good book, coffee and any number of the treats they seem to offer here. Thanks for featuring so many photos! I too remember Green Stamps. I agree - what a waste of time and effort!

Ms M said...

Hi Lynn,
I just posted my "sideboard" :-)

Steve, thanks for stopping by. I've been enjoying your excellent photos of New Orleans!

Katie, I knew you'd love this with all the old-time signs. It would be a good place to nosh and read. They had a LOT of pastries, plus soup, sandwiches, etc.