Monday, January 05, 2009

Inside my "mantelpiece"

Yesterday, Lynn at Cheltenham Daily Photo posted a photo of her mantelpiece – and suggested the rest of us do likewise. We don’t have a mantelpiece, so above is our slightly overcrowded china cabinet.

And a couple of close-ups…

Katie at Katiefornia is sans mantelpiece also; check what she posted.

So, what’s on your mantelpiece? Or in your china cabinet? Or on your fridge?


lynn said...

Very interesting, Ms. M! I love the deep red china, also the tiny shoe and the old photographs. The candlesticks are gorgeous. I would love one of those. I am probably not entitled, but does that matter? Great post! Lots of loved items there.

Ms M said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Lynn. There are a lot of loved items there, a lot of memories. We painted the candlesticks at a local pottery shop (where you choose the bisqueware and glaze it and they fire it).
Your mantelpiece idea is fun; I hope a lot of people photo theirs.:-)

Katie said...

I love the teapot and little cup -- beautiful green color. Is that a bundle of lavender and ceramic chili peppers? Lots of beautiful and fun items here; thanks for sharing!

Ms M said...

It is a bundle of lavender and the chili peppers are actually paper mache, but painted with a high gloss paint. The teapot has 4 little cups. I like it for Oolong or green tea. Most of the items you & Lynn have mentioned were given to us by dear friends.
Sometime I'll post of photo of our fridge, which has photos and funny little magnets on it.