Monday, November 10, 2008

Red hands

Hands down on the greenbelt. And, as always, I’ve surfed around the net to see what comes up under “red hands”:

~ According to Wikipedia, Red Hands is a children’s game played by two people that involves one trying to slap the hands of the other, and the other trying to prevent the slap. I’ve seen people playing this before. There’s a reason it’s called “Red Hands…”

~ “With Red Hands” is part of a sci-fi series by Stephen Woodworth in which there are certain people who are born with violet irises and they are able to channel the dead; they are called “violets”. And because of their unique abilities, they are involved in solving murders. So, the books are a kind of sci-fi / murder mystery hybrid.

~ The most important thing I found: The Red Hand Campaign. In 2002, a United Nations treaty was passed that banned the use of children under age 18 as soldiers in armed conflicts and wars. The Red Hand Campaign is taking place to urge the United Nations to enforce the ban. On Feb. 9 the coalition plans to present the UN with 1 million messages of protest with red hand prints made by people from all over the world to insist on that the UN actively enforce the ban. Here is the link to their site:

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