Monday, September 17, 2007

Don't it go to show ya never know...

A rich weekend with the local Hyde Park Fair and seeing Little Shop of Horrors (the musical) at the outdoor theatre. As we watched Audrey 2 grow larger and more demanding, a storm blew in. Dust, leaves, grit, but no rain. The storm in rhythm with Seymour and crew singing about getting richer, the sadistic dentist sucking gas, and Audrey 2 shouting, "Feed me!"

A weekend of smoke and fire and music; coffee, chocolate, wine. Flames and glass; stories and encounter. A little hope here, a little luck there, working for something good, something nourishing.
(And not plant food…:-)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

One day you're slinging hash
Feeling so rejected
Lightning flash, you get resurrected
Make a splash-now you rate the big
And with a thunderclash-
Crash kerplunk, bam kerboom,
Zang kazunk, zam kazoom
Zowee powee holy cow he
Ordered up a rainbow to go
Wow! Pow! Look out below!
Don't it go to show ya never know?
-Howard Ashman

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