Monday, June 04, 2007

Waxing and waning

Random thoughts waxing and waning on a Monday…

No, the moon’s not out tonight; that was last week, but it felt right to use it tonight even though we can’t see the moon this week.

On Friday night, I surprised a raccoon that happened to be in our front yard. He skittered up a nearby tree then took refuge on our roof. Fortunately he didn’t decide to move there permanently. There’s a few of them that lurk about at twilight in the neighborhood.

This past weekend it was as if some large weather god opened his mouth and blew nasty hot air around. It’s cooler tonight, though; something or someone else has attracted his attention…

Saw a photo of a man in a diving suit and wearing a tank on the Paris Daily Photo blog; apparently there is a diving pool set up on a temporary basis under the Eiffel Tower where Eiffel visitors can dive for free. Now, if I was going to the Eiffel Tower, would I want to tour the tower, take in the view? Or would I want to go scuba diving in a temporary pool under the tower?

Is there water on the moon? People used to think there was; that the craters were lakes. But now we know the moon is dry. But was it always that way? And was there water on Mars?

Trying to decide which photos to enter in a City art contest. I now have it narrowed down to eight. But I need five. And the deadline is coming up fast…

While walking tonight, came across a Hotpoint range sitting on the sidewalk with a sign taped to it that said: "Free." Occasionally appliances, air conditioners, sofas, boats suddenly sprout on neighborhood sidewalks. But I’ve never felt impelled to take any of them home.

A NASA probe will take photos of Venus as it passes by on its way to Mercury. We’ve gazed at it in the night sky for thousands of years, that sparkling planet, the Evening Star. What will it look like up close?

And here it is nearly midnight; the moon has traveled to the far side of the horizon and has become a bright silver disk, lighting up someone’s bedroom window…

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Anonymous said...

We're merely growing on a tiny planet in a small galaxy, on the edge of infinite possibilities.

But the emotional experience of balancing work priorities and delicate family issues is draining.

Your stories of life, reflecting through stained glass tapestries, breath energy and hope abound.