Sunday, June 17, 2007

Shades of love

Paris Je T’aime—A movie C and I saw today made up of 18 vignettes of different people in different sections of Paris, all dealing with various colors of love. Young love to mother love to mature love--and everything in between.

One thing I notice whenever we see a foreign film is that the actors in the roles look like real people, rather than "perfect" people (Hollywood style). Real people, as in those you’d see on the street, going to work, eating at a restaurant, stuck in traffic next to you. For example, one of the most moving pieces in this movie features an ordinary-looking middle-aged woman who is vacationing in Paris alone.

A wonderful, thoughtful way to bring the weekend to a close.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps foreign films show more realistic faces because they welcome the ways our histories mark us. Abe Lincoln write that a man is responsible for his face by 40 -- but aren't we all from teens?
Maybe we're too quick to assume history has to be negative weight on our faces. The mime whiteface carries the history of miming, weightless.
As weightness as your exquisite weightless rose photo before which faces can partake the glow of its petals.

Anonymous said...

does mainstream american film : project beauty or reflect beauty?
project violence or reflect violence, protect individual rights or reflect individual rights