Sunday, June 17, 2007

A purple story

A purple star for a sunny Saturday morning. A flower fit for a Princess, which is delivered by a handsome mercenary, spewing purple prose as he presents it to her. She falls for the prose and for the mercenary and they depart into a haze of rapacious love.

The King and Queen are none too pleased to discover this, and in a purple rage, shut the Princess in a tower and have the mercenary shipped far away to a distant land, where he eventually becomes a Hollywood agent.

The Princess escapes from the tower and stows away on a ship. She learns to sing and dance, updates her wardrobe, then takes her act to L.A. and auditions for American Idol.

But she didn’t make the cut. Dejected, she walks the city streets crying and singing Purple Rain. The mercenary-turned-agent hears her as he gets out of a taxi, recognizes her as his first true love, and signs her for a contract.

To celebrate, he takes her to his mansion in the Hollywood Hills where the deep purple falls over sleepy garden walls…

…And the stars begin
To flicker in the sky
Through the mist of a memory
You wander back to me
Breathing my name with a sigh.

In the still of the night
Once again I hold you tight
Though you're gone
Your love lives on when moonlight beams
And as long as my heart will beat
Lover we'll always meet
Here in my deep purple dreams.
--De Rose & Parish

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