Saturday, April 12, 2014

In the land of geese

On this beautiful spring day, we went to one of the local parks -- one that is very popular for Canadian geese or branta canadensis, as biologists would say.

This one seems to be floating in a watercolor painting.

Taking a bath? Having a disagreement? Not sure....

Silent and watching, right by the main footpath.

I'll post more photos from this park soon.


Anonymous said...

like 5 year old boys tussling
in a bathtub, playing
their part within
Indra's net, two
Canadian geese become
or myriad wave
splash, during
instant when
as strangers for
get our own
play caught in nets, pair play
& clean, preen &
off, better
at playing
humans at home
than we're able as on
to play
migrants suspended in
flight - caught in what

dive said...

Honk Heaven, Ms.M.

Once again, Anon gives me word envy; I love those broken words tumbling onto the next line. This is a great one for reading out loud. Wonderful exercise for both mouth and brain.

altadenahiker said...

A lovely time of year in Idaho.

Ms M said...

Excellent poem, Anon. Now I have word envy, too xxoo

Dive: Anon says thank you. And it truly was "Honk Heaven".

Karin: It has been very lovely here in the past week; spring finally came!

Petrea Burchard said...

As crabby as they can be, I love geese. They're as big as dogs, aren't they?

Ms M said...

I like having them around, too, even if they are crabby at times. These geese are big -- and you don't mess with a pair who are guarding a nest.

sonia a. mascaro said...

What a lovely place and these geeses are beautiful!
Thanks for the link to Kathryn Albertson Park. It looks a nice place to visit.

Ms M said...

Sonia: Thank you! And I'm glad you enjoyed the link -- it is a wonderful park to visit.

Margaret said...

So lovely. I think I would like it there.