Sunday, March 30, 2014


Fishing, yes. Swimming, no. (Never mind that it was 46 degrees F [7.7 C] with a brisk wind that day).

Urban planning at work (Be sure to enlarge the photo)

There's a sign in the distance that provides directions and information about this new city park. But I thought you'd enjoy the view of the foothills instead.


Petrea Burchard said...

Your photos make it look like there's a lot of open land outside of Boise. I love it.

Anonymous said...

this street will be extended to close
off whatever
of city limits was
once prevalent -
will be punished
to the full extent
of their mortgage
a word from the French
to grow and progress as a boil
on a cheek
begging a needle's plunge

altadenahiker said...

Oh man, I just want to run a few miles down that beautiful road in photo #3.

dive said...

Clear skies, clean water and nekkid foothills. Beautiful, Ms.M, signage notwithstanding.
Do thank Anon for providing me with a splendid breakfast giggle.

Ms M said...

Petrea: There is open land on the edge of some parts of Boise. And there are protected parts of the foothills, so that not everything is developed.

Excellent poem, Anon :) xxoo

Karin: That path connects to the greenbelt, which goes along the Boise River. You can literally run, walk, or bike for miles on the greenbelt.

Dive: Anon says "You're welcome." He's happy to provide a breakfast giggle. Glad you enjoyed the scenery.

Shell Sherree said...

The last scene is wonderfully rural and bucolic, dear Ms M. And thanks to Anon, I learned my 'something new' for the day. :) Happy weekend to you and yours. x0

Ms M said...

Thank you, dear Shell! I hope you and Ella had a splendid weekend!

Margaret said...

But what a vibrant blue sky.

Ms M said...

Hi Margaret, Yes, the sky was such an avid blue that day!