Sunday, March 16, 2014


Multicultural dining


This originally was a fire station. Now it's home to The Melting Pot fondue restaurant.

Looking behind the scenes.

More to come later....


Anonymous said...

Dante mapped this down
town, & then centuries
passed, & then Edward
Hopper painted a proto
type, but then Ms.
M photographs it. There's
a timeline
spelling dire grandeur, minus
Left Bank or Empire State but
screaming fusion dining, an entire
cowboy city hungry for
take-out bovine consumption, but
Main Street stretch empty at noon on
Maybe crowd exited
to Sun Valley
where Hemingway blew out
his brains mistaking
this State for

dive said...

Intriguing architecture, Ms.M.
And yay, Anon for an utterly glorious history of downtown Boise. Love it.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Amazing building architecture and style!
Love to see urban pictures!

Petrea Burchard said...

I love the look of old Boise. It reminds me of my home town in Illinois. The settlers moved rapidly, building these old west towns. Repurposing those buildings is the best.

altadenahiker said...

I love exploring your hometown. More to come? Yes!

Ms M said...

Exactly, Anon... xoxo

Dive: The downtown is an architectural mix of fascinating old building and boring contemporary ones. I think Anon says it well.

Sonia: It's fun seeing urban photos, isn't it! What other places look like.

Petrea: There are parts of Boise's downtown that remind me of the midwest, too.

Hiker: I plan to put up a few more soon.