Sunday, November 13, 2011

The nature of things

A marvelous harvest moon

Garden spider in stripes


Who could resist this face?

All photos and copy © 2011 Mary Owen


altadenahiker said...

Yes, the squirrel is sweet, but my heart belongs to the duck butt.

Anonymous said...

"Shine on, shine on
harvest moon," my father
sang while courting my mother.
A cloud veiled that moon.
During its transit, I
was conceived, so
conceive of that moon
shining down on Fats while he's singing
the next verses: "I ain't
had no
lovin' since. . ."
yet rather than
a boast. A moon
meets a cloud & un
able to digest its
story conceives
of you, reader,

Ms M said...

You make me laugh, Altadenahiker. The duck butt is cute, isn't it?

Anon, what a lovely poem! Thank you.

dive said...

Gorgeous nature shots, Ms.M. … even the spider.
Who can resist a duck butt? The squirrel looks as if he's about to leap on me and steal my lunch. Those things gang up and mug tourists in St.James's Park.

Ms M said...

Thank you, Dive. I'm rather arachophobic, but I can move past it enough to take a photo (at a safe distance, of course) -- unless it's one of those hairy, leaping kind of spiders.
The duck butt has been popular; I wonder if it's those orange feet? And altho this squirrel looks endearing, I know they create squirrel gangs that terrorize bird feeders and mug outdoor picnickers.