Sunday, November 20, 2011

Found items

As light as....

Not being a "tool" sort of person, I can only guess what this would be used for. Anyone else know?

Party, party!!

Always found during Fall.


Anonymous said...

fitting an impatience-with- ambiguity mind,
as a Victorian buttoned
glove a slender
clairvoyant, note
a crescent of a new
moon can sweep incisive above
even as blade's
about to come unhinged
below usual horizon -

must be a scythe slicing
certainty at ground
level, cutting certainty
root & all

dive said...

Woah! Glorious commentary as always, Anon.

Four very different little stories, Ms.M. Wonderfully observed.
I'm almost glad I have no idea what that tool might be used for. The image of Jack Nicholson as the mad dentist in the original Little Shop of Horrors comes uncomfortably to mind.

Ms M said...

Excellent poem, Anon, as always. Thank you...

Dive: You're right; they are like 4 little stories. That tool looked creepy to me even before you mentioned Dr. Wilbur Force (Nicholson plays maniacs so well, doesn't he?) It also looks like it could be a murder weapon right out of an English cozy.

altadenahiker said...

I did not see all the latent evil in that wrench. Gas wrench maybe? Anyway, I think the feather is lovely, and you probably got it in three.

Ms M said...

Thanks, Altadenahiker. I happened to find the feather at the moment the sun caught it.

Because the tool has a sharp-looking edge on top, it looks a little dangerous to some of us. Maybe it's a paint scraper?

Petrea Burchard said...

Honestly, the first thing that came to mind was "bottle opener."

Anonymous, you always come up with something interesting. I like stopping by here to see what has inspired Ms. M, and therefore what Ms. M. has posted to inspire you.

Happy Thanksgiving, Ms. M.

Ms M said...

Thank you, Petrea. Anon thanks you too :)

Alexa said...

What Petrea said. Love this. When my kids were in elementary school, we rode the subway there (always in the first car), and kept a list of the random things we saw on the tracks—my favorite: an entire fish. Never anything this colorful or photogenic, though. (BTW, my WV is gawk—seems apropos.)

Ms M said...

Hi Alexa, and thanks! That's interesting about seeing an entire fish on the tracks. And gawk seems very apropos!