Monday, November 28, 2011

Look to the sky

Amazing scenes in the sky lately. 

Have a wonderful week!

© 2011 M. Owen


altadenahiker said...

It's a curse -- I always have to find patterns in clouds. In the first, I see a man eating with chopsticks. In the third, the thunderclouds, I see and man and woman face to face, arguing.

In the fourth I only see beautiful colors.

dive said...

Autumn is a great sky season and these are amazing, Ms.M.

Ms M said...

Altadenahiker: Fun to see images in clouds! I can see the man with the chopsticks and the couple arguing. The 4th one reminds me of birds in flight.

Thank you, Dive. We have been blessed lately with magnificent sunsets.

Shell Sherree said...

We can find so many simple pleasures in remembering to look up. Really lovely, Ms M.

Ms M said...

You're so right, Shell. Thank you :-)