Sunday, December 05, 2010

Three, six, nine

"Cloud Nine", the Temptations
"Revolution 9", the Beatles (actually John and Yoko: "Number 9, number 9....")
Counting by threes
The retired jersey number for several famous athletes
The bottom of the ninth
Symphony No. 9, Beethoven (Ode to Joy) -- and superstitions

And a host of other associations -- what are yours?


Anonymous said...

& ol' 99 was a loco
motive out of
control on the 9th
day, some lesser
god rested & permitted
the train to circle
Palo Alto where high
society, dressed to the nines,
not square, hummed silently
the closing bars
of Beethoven's
ninth, not a revolution
pulled by a "cloud 9" vision but
nevertheless at
the bottom
of the ninth

an ode to freedom &
joy & who wore that ripped No. 9 jersey noted
by the President in the stands ready to throw out
the first ball
of the season
on his nineth day in office before

Petrea said...

I really should come here more often, for the photos as well as for the poetry. I like that, Anonymous.

And this photo is really interesting. I guess it's some sort of glass tile but your light makes it look liquid.

There's also a play by Caryl Churchill called "Cloud Nine." I'm sure I'll think of more as soon as I sign off!

Shell Sherree said...

This gave me a smile, Ms M. I do love the number 9. No particular reason, though Cloud 9 is a nice place to be.

Ms M said...

Thank you, Anon, brilliantly done! :)

Thank you Petrea. I'll pass along your compliment to Anon. I'll have to look up the Churchill play.

I'm glad I made you smile, Shell. You're right; cloud nine is a nice place to be :)

Katie said...

Beautiful tiles! Is this part of larger display?

Ms M said...

Hi Katie,
The tiles are actually part of the decor in a bathroom. They are small and form a border a top of large white tiles.