Monday, December 27, 2010

Stretching it

We've seen the sun in and out for a few days. But the pros say a snow storm is on its way within the next couple of days. I'm already tired of nasty weather and winter has just begun. So, in the words of bluesman Jimmy McCracklin, "Lie, lie, lie lie, lie to me..."
(I'll forgive ya, just the same)

Nothing ruins the truth like stretching it.
~ Anonymous


Anonymous said...

pros or prose
of weather? Impossible

truths like puffed clouds
stretching across invisible

states, a weather
expert points to his guess writ

large & flat on an all
white canvas, a

stretch he knows any
weather other than that

articulated by his bald spot a
studio light catches

like a sun
spot on the moon

Katie said...

I just LOVE this shadow photo! Great colors and the way the window "bends" onto the wall is just amazing. I hope you get a pretty dusting of snow, but nothing that makes driving difficult.

Ms M said...

Love your poem, Anon :) It fits the photo perfectly.

Thanks, Katie! I love shadow photos; they are fun to discover. And we will keep fingers crossed for just a light dusting of snow....