Saturday, November 06, 2010


Late morning.

Lovely fall day out, even if it's a bit warm for November. Tomorrow the weather is changing and we'll probably see the shimmer of rain on the red and golden leaves.

Have a blessed weekend.


Katie said...

These photos definitely exude a warm autumnal feel. Beautiful fall flower arrangement! We had a lovely fall day here in Berkeley today too; but I fear the weather is changing here too as rain is in the forecast. Fun soaking up the sun today though.

Shell Sherree said...

As Katie says, this is a beautiful flower arrangement! The light catching on the stems in the water is really lovely. Wishing you a blessed weekend too, Ms M.

Ms M said...

Thank you, Katie and Shell :)
We're having rain all day today and the weather is to be colder now, more like it usually is in November. So, we're probably getting some of the weather you've been having, Katie.
Is it still raining where you are, Shell?
I hope both of you enjoyed your weekend. :)