Monday, November 22, 2010

Change of seasons

Now it's the cold and snow of winter. But each season has its marvelous beauty. As I drove to work this morning, the sky had cleared a bit (before the next storm rolled in), and I was surprised to see a big, full moon edged by mauve and pink clouds. I couldn't snap a picture because I was dealing with a slick road. But the image remained all day, even when the skies turned gray again.


Anonymous said...

baroque so often piercing
lights dancing off barrel
vaults, sugar
eye-cascades, but different
first snow com
poses -
cusp between quaver &
quiver, crystaline
quarter note
asking questions of beholders:
ready for

Katie said...

What? You got snow? Wow, I'll stop complaining about my weather. Makes for a lovely photo though, with the red leaves still clinging bravely to the vines.

Shell Sherree said...

That's a beauty, Ms M! Is a snowman likely?

Ms M said...

Thank you Anon for your musical poem :)

Yes, Katie, we got snow and the temp is supposed to be 0 tonight, which is way too cold for Boise!

Thank you, Shell :) No snowman in our yard this time, but there are in some others.