Friday, November 19, 2010

Fall flashback

This was taken on a lovely day in September during a walk by the river. It's cold and gray now, with rain and snow mix, and an arctic front is moving through, which is predicted to give us a very cold blast next week.
But the morning clouds have been gorgeous this week (as seen while I'm driving to work and not able to snap a photo) and occasionally a V of geese fly overhead.

Happy weekend to you all.


Visions said...

Beautiful capture! And I already miss the sun.

Katie said...

What a lovely tranquil photo. I can almost feel the late summer sun these ducks are about to paddle into. Bummer about the arctic weather moving your way; keep your sunny summer photos close at hand!

Ms M said...

Thank you, Sheila and Katie. The weather was so nice the day I took that photo. The warmer weather photos do help now that we've got gray skies and snow.