Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ready to fly

This is a great piece of public art at the Hulls Gulch Center -- that seedling ready to ride the wind.

We're getting ready to ride the wind, too -- we're in the process of moving to another part of town. So, my postings will be irregular for a bit until we are fully moved in and connected. It's a welcome move and we're psyched for it!

The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes


Katie said...

Awesome sculpture1 I do like the seedling ready to escape. So cool! Wow, moving can be very draining, even just moving across town. (I moved a block and a half once in Minneapolis and it was one of my tougher moves.) Did you have a big yard sale?

Shell Sherree said...

It does look like it's taking flight ~ very gorgeous! All the best for your move, Ms M. My sister and her family have just done it ~ make sure you eat your Wheaties. :)

Ms M said...

Thank you , Katie and Shell Sheree for your good wishes :)

You're absolutely right about "eating your Wheaties"! And even tho it's a short in-town move, the purging, packing, and toting is arduous. But it's well worth it.

Anonymous said...

Moving can be difficult, emotional attachments, discarding phsyical objects but not the memories associated with such items. Moving can be uplifting, a new space, fresh paint, a notebook with blank pages to fill.


Ms M said...

Very true, Sandy. :) Hope all is well in the big O.