Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hulls Gulch

This is where we went today; it's in the foothills above Boise. Gorgeous day out, and lots of people hiking, biking, running, and enjoying the sunshine. Wildflowers are in bloom. Many birds soaring, dipping, singing. A gopher snake slid across the path at one point.
For more info, check out this link.


Katie said...

What a gorgeous place to hike (and do all those other outdoor activities). And it looks like you had a beautiful day. I would have been slightly freaked by the snake though.

Ms M said...

I was a little freaked by the snake, too. And the markings on a gopher snake look similar to a rattler. But I was able to maintain enough self-control to keep from looking too foolish. :)
It was truly a gorgeous day to hike there.