Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Many trees are now flowering, pastel petals raining down onto the street, polka-dotting the grass. If blossoms made noise as they fell, would they sound like small tinkling bells?
One of the cats that greets us when we take walks likes to roll on the sidewalk under 2 blossoming trees, and the pink petals look like confetti against her black fur.

Two Haikus by Matsuo Basho:

From all these trees,
in the salads, the soup, everywhere,

cherry blossoms fall

More than ever I want to see
in these blossoms at dawn

the god's face


Katie said...

Wow what an amazing kapow of color! Thanks for giving us both a larger view and the closeup. Just beautiful!

Ms M said...

Thanks, Katie. :) The blossoms are thick and beautiful right now (unless the storm we're having today blows them all off!)

Anonymous said...

surfaces enough?
in that moment
blossoms & sky