Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rock art

Seen during a walk in the neighborhood. The middle one reminds me of a small animal, begging for a treat.

Rock art is popular in the n'hood. There is also a miniature Stonehenge a few blocks away. (The photo is from last summer; no trees have leaves here yet. No weeds are up yet, either.)

As the song goes, "rock on..."


Katie said...

Awesome stone sculptures! I like how you caught the shadows too. The middle one does look spookily alive, but I'm not quite sure what it reminds me of. I remember the mini-Stonehenge -- great to see it again!

Sheila said...

Someone is having fun....or there are Druids in the neighborhood:-)

Ms M said...

Thanks, Katie. I thought mini-Stonehenge was worth another look after coming across this group.

Sheila, Several people do seem to be expressing themselves through rock art around here lately. Maybe there are Druids around -- it IS the N End :)