Sunday, March 07, 2010


Not every doorway has a message --

or does it?


Katie said...

I really like this stencil work (but I hope it's not unwanted graffiti). And the message is too funny! (Well for Elisa this probably isn't a laughing matter, but it sure makes for a fun sign.) It does make me wonder which employees are cutting through, what's in Elisa's space as they cut through, and exactly home much time said employees save by using this bypass!

Sheila said...

Well, I always assumed doors had two messages, but here is a third!
Are Elisa's employees not to cut through? Wonder where they are cutting to....assuming they are at work. Where is this door? I think I would like to meet Elisa:-)

Ms M said...

Thanks, Katie and Sheila. :)

I've seen this stencil work a few other places in the neighborhood. I don't think they mind it on this particular door, which is at the local Co-op grocery/deli/health food, etc.

I thought the message was good, too. Elisa must have gotten annoyed with too many interruptions!