Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cloud glow

Caught this shot last week during a break from the rain. It reminds me a bit of clouds in scenes painted by Frederic Church.

Along with creating exquisite paintings, Church built a magnificent villa, Olana, in the Hudson Valley. A work of art on all levels.

[Thanks to N, who introduced me to Frederic Church's work -- xxoo]


Katie said...

Beautiful cloud photo. And yes, very Church-like! Wow, my sister lives really close to Olana. I'll be there for Christmas, but it doesn't look like it's open in December. Maybe at least the grounds will be open. Thanks for the link!

Ms M said...

Glad you enjoyed the photos and link.
You're right, though; it looks like it's closed during winter months. :(
But with your sis living nearby, perhaps you'll be able to visit during another visit.