Sunday, May 17, 2009

In a wrinkle of time

As I walked out of the Nature Center to take a look at the river, I noticed something moving on my left. It was a Great Blue Heron. It was also going to the riverbank.

I followed quietly and took photos while it stood, scanning the river.

After a bit, it flew to an old tree that jutted from the bank.

Then, like a sailor on a gangplank, it walked to the end of the log...

…and flew away, following the course of the river.

This took place beside the greenbelt, which is usually filled with people on weekends -- but no one came by during this time. We were alone. As soon as it flew away, bicyclists appeared, as well as a few joggers with dogs.
It was like we had been inside a little wrinkle of time.


Petrea said...

It's not every day one gets such a blessed moment. Beautifully shot and described, Ms. M.

Katie said...

How cool to get to spend some time alone with this magnificent bird! Amazing that you got to watch him walk the plank and fly away. I think it was strutting for your camera! I love the photo of it taking flight.

Ms M said...

Thank you, Petrea and Katie. It was a blessed moment. And it's wonderful to share it with others.