Tuesday, June 10, 2008

For the birds?

While taking a walk, we came across these bags, hung in someone’s back yard. Not sure what they are or why they are there.

They look to be filled with seeds of some kind; perhaps bird seed?

In another spot in the yard was a wooden bird feeder, complete with a diner enjoying a meal…

And in a related news article:

An Illinois couple emptied their bird feeders after a judge ruled in favor of neighbors who said the birdseed attracted a surplus of wild animals.
A Cook County judge ruled that Halina and Richard Rogulski are banned from filling outdoor bird feeders at their Prospect Heights home for six months, the Chicago Tribune reported Thursday.
John and Alice Gornick claimed the Rogulskis' bird feeders were creating health risks by attracting a surplus of raccoons, birds and opossums.
Judge Alfred Levinson decided Wednesday the Rogulskis went against city laws by fostering an unsanitary environment. He ruled the couple would have to either take down the feeders or pay a daily fine of $500.

Wish there was a photo with this story…


lynn said...

Some sort of squirrel assault course?

Ms M said...

Now that's a novel idea -- perhaps you're on to something :-)