Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A different focus

After so much focus on the lives of pumpkins, it’s time for a more global view since we are all interconnected, like this ethereal globe (made of interwoven metal hangers by a guy who lives in the neighborhood).

A story of connection I’ve been following: "Waiting for Godot" in New Orleans. Performed outdoors against some of the most devastated areas of the city, before overflow crowds. It’s so moving how this play has been adapted and so aptly expresses the feelings of those trying to put their city and their lives back together. It was brought by Creative Time, Paul Chan, and the Classical Theater of Harlem and features local actors. They worked with the community for nine months to ensure that the impact of the production would go on beyond the performances. The play is free; funds have been set up to help local organizations; creative/artistic workshops have been offered for area residents.

And even though I’m not able to hop a jet to go see it, the articles in the Times-Picayune express the power and magnitude of this event. Art can and does make a difference.

Read more about it here, http://blog.nola.com/living/ by clicking on the entries about "Godot".


"Where will you go from here?" Vladimir asks Pozzo (who has just been beaten by unknown assailants).
"On," says Pozzo.
"What do you do when you fall far from help? Vladimir asks.
"We wait till we can get up," Pozzo says. "And then we go on. On!"

--from "Waiting for Godot," Samuel Beckett

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