Monday, August 13, 2007

Time travel

A weekend of purging old stuff, reconfiguring. The bright red eye of the bird through the lamp’s glow. Taste of iced coffee and chocolate. Writing out questions on yellow paper. Reading further of the story of Fos and Opal as the 1920s rush to a close, and people begin to notice the unseen effects of scientific wonders. Studying Doisneau’s photos of Paris, watching the sliver of a story surface with each one. Walking together, hand in hand, as the coolness of twilight gently settles over the neighborhood.

Moving back and forth in time, discovering or rediscovering. Planting seeds in the bed of an antique wagon.

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Anonymous said...

Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys recorded "It's Your Red Wagon," meaning in code "addiction," but to re-configure the past is, even when addictive, additive, great courage you pull over rough ground.