Saturday, August 11, 2007

Reflections on a Friday night

We spent Friday night supporting the local economy; going out for dinner, then shopping where we bought 2 new lamps to replace the ancient ones we’ve had. They are faux Tiffany lamps; fun to try after having boring traditional lamps for years. Adds color, warm glow, and good light.

This photo reminds me of Tiffany-style lampshades. Reflection of light through leaves, red berries. Ours have a tropical look; fruit and colorful birds. Reflection of humid places, where the forests are thick, lush, plants grow out-of-control. Heavy rainfall.

So, now each evening as the lamps come on, we’ll hear birdcalls, cicadas, frogs, and watch for lightning bugs to appear. Creating our little haven in the desert…

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