Friday, August 03, 2007

Diaphanous potpourri

Here it is, Friday night. Smoke has cleared out somewhat, so taking a walk was not such a "lung-burning" experience. And we could actually see the sky instead of haze.

We went out to a local Middle Eastern restaurant. There, we ate babaganoosh, gyro, dolma, Basmati rice, kabobs, and talked about the week. Scenes of Jordan on the wall, along with framed needlework pieces done by the owner’s mother. It was busy enough, but not too crowded. Good place for conversation. Afterwards, a short drive so I could show C a strange house being built near my office. The streets were fairly quiet; our walk also peaceful. It looks like a lot of folks left for the weekend.

It was a relief to hear that the number of deaths and serious injuries from the Minneapolis bridge collapse is much lower than they thought. Still, it should not have happened in the first place. (See my comments on last night’s blog entry).

I see in the news they have found the tomb of an ancient Aztec emperor. I wonder what they will discover as they continue excavation? Also, the Yankees beat the Royals. (My mother will not be pleased.)

In perusing the dictionary, I came across "diaper" and found it has other meanings than something odiferous an infant wears. A diaper is also a fabric with a distinctive pattern, often used for tablecloths; and refers to a pattern of small repeated geometric shapes.

I also found "diaphanous," as in "she floated down the staircase, wearing various diaphanous garments" (from a book I read long ago by an author from England.). It refers to sheer, delicate fabric which can be seen through. Think ballerina’s tutu. Diaphanous can also mean "vague, insubstantial." How my minds feels sometimes—gauzy. Like on a Friday night…

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