Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dendrites and fishing nets

These are my dendrites after too much work and too little wine.

But I now have several days off, so hopefully my brain will recover...

Enjoyed seeing photos of a co-worker’s trip to Spain. She is Basque, her parents were born in Lekeitio, and she and her family visited the village and their extended family. Lekeitio is a coastal town on the Bay of Biscay. She told me that when she visited over 30 years ago, she saw women of the town sitting near the docks, repairing fishing nets. Today, they no longer do that, but there is a large mural in the town that recalls that time.

Perhaps instead of dendrites, I can see my photo as a kind of fishing net, bringing in the day’s catch. Some to keep, some to throw back. Some to be repaired. But hopefully, much of value.

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Anonymous said...

Every day I sift among the dendrites and fishing nets to find both nuggets of wisdom and wasted talent to cast away. Balancing personal wants with perceived authoritarian needs invites doubt. Rays of hope shine through invisible barriers of progress.