Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tigers in our lives

One morning you wake up and find a tiger right outside your door. What should you do? Is it safe to go outside? What if he’s hungry? What if you startle him?

So, you open a side window, where he can see you.

Y: Hey, tiger, what are you doing here?

T: I got tired of the zoo, and your yard looked nice enough. And I rather like lying here against your front step.

He scrutinizes you; and it seems like his eyes have a dangerous glint—or is it just your imagination?

T: Say, it’s been a while since dinner. You got any raw meat in there? Like a haunch of beef—or maybe wild buffalo. I haven’t had buffalo in years!

Y: Well, uh, I’ve got some chicken.

T: Chicken? That’s an hors d’oeuvre! But I’ll start with that, thank you.

Y: Okay, and maybe while you’re enjoying that, I’ll just take a trip to the store and see if I can find something--larger.

T: So you’re inviting me for dinner? How kind of you.

Y: Oh, yes, sure, of course. (Damn!) So, if you’d just let me slip by you, so I can go to the store, get you some meat…

T: You sound nervous. What, do you think I’m going to jump you?

Y: Well, tigers have been known to kill people.

He cocks his head. Is he smiling? You can’t tell.

T: You can’t always believe everything you hear, especially about tigers. Now, how about that chicken?

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