Monday, October 30, 2006

Jokes and folks for Halloween

Q. Why do demons and ghouls hang out together? A. Because demons are a ghoul’s best friend!

Q. What is a mummy's favorite type of music? A. Wrap.

Q. What instrument do skeletons play? A: Trom-bone.

Q. Why can't the boy ghost have babies? A. Because he has a Hallo-weenie.

Q. Where does a ghost go on Saturday night? A. Anywhere where he can boo-gie.

Q. What do ghosts say when something is really neat? A. Ghoul!

Q. Why did the game warden arrest the ghost? A. He didn't have a haunting license.

Q. Why didn't the skeleton dance at the party? A. He had no body to dance with.

Q. What do you call a goblin who gets too close to a bonfire? A. A toasty ghosty.

Q. Why did the vampire read the Wall Street Journal? Q. He heard it had great circulation.

Q. Who are some of the werewolves’ cousins? A. The whatwolves, the whowolves and the whenwolves.

Q. Why did the headless horseman go into business? A. He wanted to get ahead in life.

Q. Who was the most famous French skeleton? A. Napoleon bone-apart

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