Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Many colors of fall

A scene from our neighborhood.

Here are some colorful folk sayings about the weather of autumn:

**A warm November is a sign of a bad winter.
**If animals have an especially thick coat of fur, it will be a cold winter.
**When squirrels bury their nuts early, it will be a hard winter.
**If fruit trees bloom in the fall, the weather will be severe the following winter.
**If berries or nuts are plentiful, it will be a hard winter.
**If the first snow falls on unfrozen ground, expect a mild winter.
**It will be a bad winter if trees keep their leaves until late in the fall.
**If an owl hoots on the east side of a mountain, it foretells bad weather.
**Hornets’ nests built in the tops of trees point to a mild winter.

And here's one more point of view:

Fall is a colorful time of the year.
The leaves are falling all over here.
Leaves are brown, yellow, and red,
Falling down all over my head.
--By: Pasqual
Mrs. Horton’s 3rd Grade Class
Chapin Elementary School
Columbia, S. C.

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