Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What're you lookin' at?

The suspicion begins.

The suspicion grows.

Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind; the thief doth fear each bush an officer.
~ William Shakespeare

(Not that I'm saying squirrels feel guilty, but they sure can be ornery little tricksters)


dive said...

That's definitely one guilty looking rodent.

sonia a. mascaro said...

They are cute too, isn't?
Great photos!

Ms M said...

Dive: Yes, I have to say he did look guilty. He was later seen attacking a bird feeder. But he eluded capture by the Bird Feeder Patrol, and is still at large.

Hi Sonia: I have to admit he's pretty cute, even if he is guilty of stealing from the bird feeders. :-)

Petrea Burchard said...

How's he supposed to know the bird feed isn't for him? He knows how cute he is.

Ms M said...

Petrea: He definitely knows how cute he is. He's quite successful charming people into feeding him.

Shell Sherree said...

Aww! A very dapper little fellow/fellowette, Ms M. Hugs from Ella and me.

Ms M said...

Hi Shell: He/she is quite dapper and quite a character!
Hugs from Macie & me :-)

altadenahiker said...

These little fellas live to tease Albert. But I think he likes it. By the way, I've never been able to get a good shot of them; they're too quick for me.

Ms M said...

Hiker: They so love to tease dogs!
This little guy seemed to be "sunbathing" on the platform, so he was not as hard to shoot. As you see, he was a bit peeved that we disturbed his nap.