Sunday, October 16, 2011

Two views

Looking through

Looking up


Anonymous said...

tide teasing toes
becomes waves caressing eyelids -

how arduous
to sense such delights

on taken
for granted


dive said...

Wave-capped earth is a beautiful description of those super-cool mammatus clouds, Anonymous.
Great shot, Ms.M. Love the leaves, too.

Ms M said...

Wonderful poem, Anon. It makes me wonder what the cloud photo would look like inverted.

Thank you, Dive. I wasn't sure what type of clouds they were. They appear every so often in Idaho skies.

dive said...

They're a mountain cloud, Ms.M. They are very rare over here in the flat lowlands so I get a little overexcited whenever I spot them taking a vacation from the highlands.

Ms M said...

I looked up mammatus clouds on Wikipedia and they gave a good description, also had some awesome photos. Clouds are fascinating!

altadenahiker said...

Paging through, found many lovely photos. You have a sensitive touch and gentle eye, Ms M.

Ms M said...

Thank you, Altadenahiker. I always enjoy reading your comments on Petrea's and Shell's blogs.