Sunday, October 30, 2011

Feathery mix

I wonder what bird left this?

Northern Flicker annoyed at our interruption.

Why a duck...

Cattails (Typha) on the wind


altadenahiker said...

I'm smitten by the Flicker.

Anonymous said...

duck chatter daring wind's ire, cat-
tails swimming in churning
breezes,feather’s raft glide, as if
all these compose : a wood’s grain
where knots speak
in riddles
in lines
beyond any branch’s

dive said...

I love that single feather photo, Ms.M.
I too am smitten by the flicker. What a pretty bird.
And yay for ducks and cat-tails. Somehow they both remind me that spring is on its way (eventually).

Ms M said...

Dive and Altadenahiker: The Flicker had spirit, an attitude I liked. I'm sure he'll be back. Noticing the single feather was one of those happy accidents.

Anon: Tantalizing how your poem swims in images and sound... thank you :-)

Visions said...

knots and riddles
and feathers and vanes...

lovin' this one!

Ms M said...

Thanks, Sheila. I so enjoy seeing your blog posts!