Sunday, August 14, 2011

Catching Trochilidae

Earlier this year I said I'd try to catch a hummingbird  -- in a photo, of course. I don't quite have the proper equipment, but here are a couple of attempts of a female Black-chinned Hummingbird. In this first one, she has her back to us as she's taking a drink. 

Here she's perched -- for a few seconds. Even when they perch, they seem to be vibrating. 

According to Wikipedia: The Aztec god Huitzilopochtli is often depicted as a hummingbird. The Nahuatl word huitzil (hummingbird) is an onomatopoeic word derived from the sounds of the hummingbird's wing-beats and zooming flight.

I'll finish this with a tableau of Morning Glories and Daylily we spied while taking a walk.


Anonymous said...

carry your own
illumination by
learning through hummingbird's
there's no standing
recognizing extent
of thirsting
for more

dive said...

Oh, how beautiful, Ms. M.
I've only ever seen one hummingbird in real life; to have them come to your garden must be amazing.
Glorious glories, too. One of my favourite flowers, though the vines tend to take over the world unless you're really stern with them.

Ms M said...

Anon, thank you for your wonderful poem! :-)

Dive: I love watching the hummingbirds come to our feeder! They are like tiny vibrating jewels. They also get territorial about the feeder and dive-bomb each other. Fascinating to watch!
These are lovely Morning Glories, but you are absolutely right about them taking over! They are also known as Bindweed.