Friday, August 19, 2011

Blooms and bugs

Echinacea visited by a bee. (won't you bee my honey tonite?) 

Black-eyed Susans with a Pine White butterfly, which, according to my butterfly book, is "a pest of pines and balsam firs in the West". 

And here are rose hips, sans bugs. 


dive said...

What a happy bee! And a happy flower, too. Nature doesn't have to be red in tooth and claw, it can be covered in pollen and buzzing away happily.
How unfair that the book calls butterflies a pest. Caterpillars, maybe, but butterflies? They're harmless and beautiful (though of course they should really teach their wriggly kids better dietary habits than to feast on pines and balsam firs).
A lovely riot of Summer colour and insect happiness, Ms.M.

Ms M said...

Well thank you, Dive! Shooting peaceful nature scenes makes up for the "tooth and claw" that too often happens in the rest of life.