Friday, December 11, 2009

Ice & a good samaritan

About 20 degrees colder than usual for Boise during the winter. Right now, it's 13, which is better than the 1degree temp we had this morning, but still too cold! But I see on the national weather map that a front is headed our way which is supposed to warm things up.

According to the local paper, a man who came upon two large dogs struggling in a pond tied a rope around his waist, and while his friend held on, waded in the frigid water and rescued them. The dogs had gotten loose from their homes and apparently broken through the ice while walking across the pond. Help had been called for and as soon as officials arrived, the man got into a car and left. The dogs were treated at the local Humane Society for hypothermia, and are now back with their owners. The man did not leave his name.


Anonymous said...

who rescued dogs
close to dying
in freezing falls
by risking his own
left no name
behind since
he em
bodies more
life than a single

Ms M said...

Thank you for your poem, Anon; perhaps a story where actions speak louder than words?

Katie said...

I shivered looking at that beautiful photo, but was very much warmed by the story of the man who saved those dogs. Thanks so much for sharing that story!

Ms M said...

Thanks, Katie. It's wonderful to read news of people doing good deeds.