Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I love the variety of colors of maize. Maize is ground into flour to make tortillas and is used in other food products. Some types of maize can also be popped to make popcorn.

Here’s a little more info about corn kernel colors from wonderquest.com:

Corn kernels have different colors because of genes that control color. Each kernel is an individual with its own set of genes, like an embryo. Kernels are siblings housed on the same ear and so naturally have many different colors. By naturally, I mean, through the course of natural selection. One-color ears are unnatural products of human selection.

So, corn has been "genetically engineered" for a long time to get the different varieties we have today. As have many other plants.

For another view of corn: The Legend of Indian Corn...


Anonymous said...

how could blue & red corn arise
except through a young
one already
old wrestling
with an ageless
unseen one, after
wrestling the secret
the young ancient one
discovers thru
no struggle
how these kernels sizzling in a pan
chant i am i am i am a rainbow's gift

April said...

Your photos do maize justice. Beautiful.

I'm glad you used the WonderQuest article explaining the different colors of maize kernels. I appreciate the link, and enjoy helping solve some of life's mysteries.

April Holladay