Monday, July 14, 2008

A Hyde Park institution

The Hyde Park Bookstore and post office.

Along 13th Street in north Boise is an area named Hyde Park. It has several little shops, including an art gallery, antique store, barber, shoe repair, bike shop, sporting goods store, gas station, eateries, and the combo bookstore/post office. Years ago, a trolley line ran along 13th. Now it’s a busy street, most often lined with parked cars.

I’m not sure how it was named Hyde Park. But it’s interesting to note the number of places named Hyde Park. Of course, London’s is the oldest and most famous. There are 27 other Hyde Parks throughout the world, with most of them being in the U.S.


Katie said...

Great looking brick building; and how fun that it's a bookstore AND post office! The Hyde Park area sounds like a nice place to hang out. Too bad the trolley is gone. I think I might have to visit Boise someday!

Ms M said...

It is a nice place to hang out. There are several little restaurants where you can sit outside, a coffee shop (my favorite), and an ice cream shop. Local bands often play at one of the eateries on Saturday nights.

The bookshop/post office is a used bookstore and is rather funky. The antique shop sells old postcards -- something I've heard you're interested in :-)