Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Animal art and reflection

I was originally going to write about an AP article I saw today about zoo animals that paint. [Painting, along with other activities, helps ease boredom and provides a stimulating "task" for animals to do.]

And I was going to write about the Asian Elephant Art & Conservation Project in Thailand [they train the elephants they care for to paint, then they sell the paintings to help fund conservation efforts].

But then I was thinking about C’s excellent presentation tonight at the county library about Mambo and Oscar Hijuelos, who wrote "The Mambo Kings."

And got lost in deep of reflection…


Anonymous said...

painting elephants exercise long &
patient vision, waiting
for us to discern lines &
dots as messages
about how reflection stretches
into a pond
of so many faces in memory
between the lines
lumbering from canvas to rapid

Anonymous said...

for my honey

Anonymous said...

mambo kings
trumpeting truth
stretching life
lifting souls