Friday, January 05, 2007


What is this? Is it a real object or an illusion?

Illusion is an old word, from 1340, and can mean "a mocking, jesting irony," or "to play with," "deceptive appearance", or later, used as illusionist, refers to magicians, conjurers.

Is a photographer or an artist a conjurer? Is an actor? A writer? A politician?

Does an illusion curve and curl around the truth, mirror it, or shadow it? Can you peel back an illusion until you hit reality, or does it just vanish?

Imagine a wall of mirrors in which you see yourself continually going back further, further. Dozens of you all moving in synchronicity. What if you could reach into the mirror and pull a few of yourselves through? Would they be like clones, or would they be different aspects of you? Who would be real; who would be an illusion?

And what if they didn’t want to go back into the mirror? Is Pandora’s box an illusion?

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Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one – Albert Einstein

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