Tuesday, January 30, 2007

If the shoe fits...

If you Google "shoes," you’ll get over 250 million hits. Most of them are merchants selling shoes, blogs reviewing shoes, and podiatrists informing us about the good and bad of certain shoe styles and why you need bunion surgery.

My mother wore heels when I was a girl. Like many women, she had numerous pairs of shoes in different colors to match specific outfits. Many of the heels had small heel tips and were not very stable. She turned her ankle more than once. One time, the small heel tip wedged in a furnace grate as she walked across it, and it yanked the entire heel off of her shoe.

I recall having black patent leather shoes for dress-up. And oxfords, arch supports, special insoles, moleskin cushions. No penny loafers, no "slip on" shoes. No "kicky" sandals. No flip-flops. For some of us, shoe shopping has never been fun.

Yet our feet are our feet, and mine have hiked many trails, climbed the Rockies, walked beaches, rushed through airports, followed some people, lead others. And every day C and I continue our trek through the streets of our neighborhood.

Out of necessity, I create my own fashion, where shoes become my accomplices for the greater journey.

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The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that fits all cases.
– Carl Jung

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