Thursday, September 19, 2013

The many lives of plants

This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
~ Douglas Adams

Happy Friday, everyone.


Anonymous said...

thorny, spiky, thorny: insults
attached to scribes, visionaries -

instead poets & painters, if
botanically called out, deserve

tags of "rooted" and "ripe
for the palate." How many lives

as plants we pack, if creating,
even if roots stay in

visible to eyes glued to
weekend 's release

altadenahiker said...

Great way to kick off my Friday.

sonia a. mascaro said...

So beautiful and delicate plants!

Shell Sherree said...

All lovely ~ I especially have a soft spot for the plant growing between a rock and a hard place. Respect to you, little dude.

Ms M said...

A fitting poem for the photos and the weekend. Thank you, Anon xxoo

Happy Friday (and birthday!) to you, Hiker.

Thank you, Sonia. :-)

Shell, I was touched by the little plant growing between the rocks, too. Resilience!

dive said...

Beautiful, bright and very cheering images for the weekend, Ms.M even though the first one makes me slightly nervous. Those things look mischievous.

Wonderful words as ever from Anon. I particularly enjoyed the pointed message in the first few lines and that frame break in "invisible" is masterly.

Margaret said...

I don't mind Thursdays. But Tuesdays are often so discouraging.

Ms M said...

Dive: You're right; the first one does look a little scary, especially when the photo's enlarged. Anon says thanks for your kind words about his words.

Margaret: Of course, there's always Wednesdays, that middle-of-the-week see-saw.