Sunday, May 26, 2013

As spotted during a walk


Anonymous said...

deer crossing fences with force
of honeysuckle
passing boundaries
as speaking instantly thru marsh
iris define a
new border/
about time (more than)
that ground
level zoning give
way to cloud
cluster scatter
gram, jet
vapors comic
hatch of streaking
straight lines/
like deer we bend
to a new
where borders
their absence
more than
deer lunching
their path thru supposed

dive said...

A perfect match, Ms.M: your own eye for beauty and Anon's perfect poetry. I had to read that aloud, slowly, over and over; such concision, yet every word feels like an adventure in itself, and all in perfect harmony with your photographs.

Ms M said...

Wonderful poem, Anon -- thank you xxoo

Dive: N and I both thank you. Anon writes well, don't you think? ;)

Petrea Burchard said...

Nice pairing, Ms M and Anonymous.

I've seen deer a few times, on my hikes. I will never get used to it. They are always striking.

Margaret said...

You have the best walks.

Ms M said...

Petrea: Thank you. Anon and I make a pretty good team, most of the time :-) This deer was young and very intent on snacking; it didn't seem that afraid of us.

Margaret: We often see wonderful, unusual things during our walks. I always pack a camera, just in case.

Debs said...

What a lovely walk. I never see deer on my walks :)

Ms M said...

Thank you, Debs. We don't see deer often; they usually stay further away in the hills.