Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Someone's watching

Duck eyes. Always watching, keeping a wary eye out, even though I was shooting some distance away with a zoom lens. 
Some ducks have distinctive patterns around their eyes. 

Some don't. 

Some look pissed off. 

Some look eerie. 

And some look miffed because I interrupted their luncheon. 


altadenahiker said...

And some look smug. To me, ducks appear to be having an exceptionally fun time in this life. They have nice clothes, a pool, endless sushi...

Randall Cogburn said...

Really cool wood ducks are my favorite. My brother used to have some Mandarin ducks. Cool umbrella hangout. Those ducks have some really good eyes. Nice M.


sonia a. mascaro said...

So gorgeous these ducks! Great photos!
Just amazing their eyes. Love seeing animals eyes.

I agree with Karin, "ducks appear to be having an exceptionally fun time in this life."

Anonymous said...

somewhere in that mis
placed name "wood
duck" there's
a Haida totem swimming
within its own
flame brought curving at
break neck
if not of quick
then simply
letting stream carry
heaven knows where

Margaret said...

That duck does look pissed off!

Ms M said...

Hiker: You're right. These ducks do have a cushy life.

Welcome, Randall! These were taken at the local Nature Center; it attracts several species of ducks and geese, blue herons, and song birds.

Thank you, Sonia! I was really taken by their unusual eyes.

Wonderful poem, Anon. xxoo Perhaps Wood ducks have a bit of Haida in them.

Margaret: The black and white ducks look pissed in every photo I took! They look like they could throw a tantrum at any moment.

dive said...

So many varieties of duck, Ms.M. We only have two around here. I love the red-eyed one striking a pose. Wonderful photography and poetry as ever.

Ms M said...

Thanks, Dive, from both of us. :-)
It's curious that you would only have two varieties of ducks there. I would think you would have more. But who am I to question Mother Nature?