Saturday, January 19, 2013

Scenes along the commute, part 2

Yes, sleep is a commodity to be sold now. But you have to shop around for the best deal.

The State Capitol dome in the background, where our legislators are currently busy, creating mischief and mayhem.

Car wash blues....

Waiting for the light to change. (No, I didn't go to Chick-fil-A for breakfast.)

These were taken before the Big Snow hit. Currently, everything is snowy, icy and hazy.  And very cold. More on that in another post.


Petrea Burchard said...

I hope this is your evening commute and not your morning one. But I do seem to remember you get up early.

dive said...

Brr … Stay warm, Ms.M.
Great blues, as always. Love the streaky car lights outside the car wash.

Ms M said...

Hi Petrea, this is my morning commute. Yes, I have to be at work early. (Coffee is very important!) Being a "night person" by nature, I never seem to get to bed on time :-)

Dive: Yes, the blues are amazing early morning this time of year. N likes these shots; he says they show Boise in a different light, so to speak.

altadenahiker said...

Those traffic lights I've only seen in small towns in the mid west. And bloody confusing they are.

Ms M said...

There are several very confusing intersections here; arrow pointing various directions, 2 lanes suddenly becoming one lane, one-way streets that become 2-way and vice versa. A real bane for out-of-towners....

Anonymous said...

sacred? industrial haze
"unhealthy for those sensitive"
reports a State
parsing unhealth -
yet from such morning
twilight a camera's


framed by the eye
of my beloved
exposing radiance through any

Ms M said...

Well-imagined, Anon. Thank you xxoo

Margaret said...

I hope you are cozy warm.

Ms M said...

Wearing layers is the hot new fashion trend in Boise. Also gloves, worn indoors. Especially when seated by drafty windows.

We've been warm at home. But at my office, the water meter froze, which cut off the water to the building, and the furnace stopped working. The water company fixed the meter. The furnace began working on its own during the afternoon. We're not sure why....