Monday, October 08, 2012

Tiny treasures

We recently saw a bonsai exhibit by the Boise Bonsai Society. It was part of a Koi and Goldfish Show by the Idaho Water Garden & Koi Society.  

Amazing root forms! 

Grapevine bonsai 

If a tree falls off my Bonsai bench, and I'm not home to hear it, does it make a sound?
~ Anonymous 

If you're curious, more about bonsai here.


Margaret said...

These are so fun. You have a lot going on up there these days.

dive said...

Teeny tiny Boise in pots. Those are lovely, Ms.M. I like the humour your local bonsai gardeners put into their displays (over here, they're just as po-faced as the Japanese).
The quote is priceless.

Ms M said...

We enjoyed seeing the show, Margaret. Boise has some fun events, especially during the fall.

Yes, Dive, a tiny bit of Boise in those pots. They seemed to be a good group, not too stressed. Eventually I'll post a few photos of a bonsai demo they were doing during the show. I just had to post that quote - it was perfect for this post.

altadenahiker said...

I'm all about the grapes. And the cork.

Ms M said...

The grapes with the cork were fun -- I wonder if they'd make good wine?

Shell Sherree said...

I hope they can find some miniature oak casks after they've pressed the grapes with their thumbs in an egg cup. Perhaps they are bonsai-ing some oak trees in readiness.

Ms M said...

Hahaha, Shell! Perhaps the fairies (in the first photo) are going to open a bonsai wine shop in that little house; they'll feature little bottles of wine served in tiny crystal wine glasses.